What is MFS? It is an acromym for Myofascial Stretching. These exercises not only stretch muscle, but also their connective tissue container known as fascia. Muscles never work in isolation, but require the constant contraction of other muscles to both assist and counteract themselves. Faulty postures or the mechanics of everyday life can lead to certain groups of muscles becoming tight and too strong, while others become laxed and too weak. In terms of stretching, both the muscle which is too strong and the fascia which is too tight, need to be stretched.

Myofascial Stretching is effective at stretching muscle and lengthening its connective tissue container at the same time because it takes into consideration other muscles that are in connection with the one being stretched. The result is functional harmony between not only the muscle and its container, but also the relationship it has with adjacent muscles and connective tissues.

Myofascial Stretching is also an excellent tool to achieve greater success in performing ELDOA postures. Increased flexibility that is gained with the consideration of functional inter-relationships allows the muscular system to perform more optimally whether it be during normal activities of daily living all the way to professional sports.

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