An initial consultation typically lasts one hour and consists of a thorough health history assessment followed by a physical assessment. Depending on the condition and treatment plan generated, the initial consultation will include the first treatment.

The goal of my treatments is to correct structural problems within the patient’s body whether they be in relation to the bones or soft tissues. This correction allows an increased ability to function optimally. I believe strongly in teaching homecare exercise that will assist in maintaining the progress gained from treatment sessions as well as to empower the patient within their dysfunction to again become autonomous.

My approach to osteopathy is an active and interactive one. I believe that patients are obligated to participate in their own health whether it be correct nutritional habits, exercise, or various other lifestyle changes. Treatment plans are interactive in that they incorporate other health care practitioners as necessary, whether it be your family doctor or other.

Questions are always welcomed and encouraged during treatment sessions with the goal of keeping the patient as informed as possible to their condition and what can, or cannot, be done for it.

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